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  • Safe - parents and kids friendly
  • Private - limited to family members
  • Productive - available at your fingertips for instant interaction
  • Proven - we use what we develop
  • Secure - encryption used for chats and files
  • User-friendly - what you seek is what you get (WYSIWYG)


  • No insallation or program entries
  • Portable app - can be located anywhere
  • Lightweight - simple and elegant
  • Eco-friendly - intuitive, no time/energy wasted in going full throttle
  • Customizable - user gets to decide the preferred options
  • Extensible - new features with quick turn-around


  • Chats are private and limited to only family members
  • Broadcast chats to all members
  • Save chat sessions
  • Send and deliver messages to offline users
  • Text to speech
  • Various levels of alert including forced unmute


  • Just drag and drop
  • No limit on file sizes
  • Allow unattended push files
  • Status of send/receive progress